17 comments for “Ozy and Millie: No shoes, no shirt

  1. Ah! They don’t sell shoes or shirt[s], and they don’t offer any service! Those sorts of signs really bug me in real life.

  2. You can tell the creator was much less experienced when she did this comic. For the sake of a throwaway joke, Ozy is suddenly wearing an outfit never seen before or since. Combine this with the fact that unless the plot requires it, he’ll never NOT wear his normal attire, and the strip feels that much more forced. It would have felt more natural to have had Avery used in this one, as him suddenly wearing shoes is much more believable.

    • I hate to say this (not really) but people like you are one of the reasons why she stopped doing the comic. If you can’t tell, most people don’t care if she changed something as slight as that to make a joke.

    • Personally, I think the slight change to his normal outfit is fine. However, I think this strip would work a lot better if it was just the last panel.

  3. okay, alternate explanation, he’s seen the sign before and wore precisely what’s required, and is enjoying the joke as he reads outside, and putting his foot out so they see the shoes and no pants as he goes in (yes, had to think about it before I found one)

  4. Nobody seems to have noticed the real joke: Ozy wears no pants–ever! Shoes? Check! Shirt? Check! Pants? Oooops!

  5. In the old newspaper comic “Geech”, a shirtless construction worker goes to a cafĂ© and orders iced tea to go. The server replies, “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. So the man comes with, with a shirt but no trousers or underpants, and repeats his order.

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