9 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The media descend

  1. Yes do everything but take control of bullies and their parent. The only thing worse than bullies are the parents, teachers and principals who let it go on.

  2. “And now back to K.R.U.D. with all of your favourite ‘You won’t get away with stealing my car!’ hits!”

    • I think you missed the point. He wasn’t talking about the bullies. He was talking about the people getting bullied (in this case Millie and her mom).

      • If his brain was located in his head, he would be grateful. Millie isn’t suing the school, just Jeremy. More of these lawsuits would mean the school wouldn’t have to deal with bullies themselves. But of course, he’s spending extra effort trying to keep the problem around.

  3. Sometimes I think the legal system from the Ace Attorney series is better. Maximum three day trial and all that. Then I remember that the system there is “The accused is Guilty unless you prove that someone else is Guilty instead” and think better of it.

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