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    • I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to explain this… that particular lawsuit was because the coffee was DELIBERATELY kept HOTTER than it had to be- had it not been, she wouldn’t have received THIRD DEGREE burns. (which, for the uninitiated, means the entire sin is burned, and skin grafts are needed to cover the burned area)- plus, IIRC it was the jury that awarded millions- probably to make sure McDonalds couldn’t write it off as a cost of doing business- while the judge reduced it, with it being reduced to something like 100k on appeal- which sounds like a lot, but remember medical bills can be high.

      • She also received the injury while in the McDonalds parking lot and wasn’t driving her grandson was.

  1. Whenever I hear of a school principal saying “it takes two to fight” I like to imagine a parent beating him up and asking, “Now how will you punish yourself for fighting?”

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