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  1. The poor Neanderthal, that brutish first impression over 100 years ago belie their modern understanding of what they were. Larger, stronger, smarter than were are. But why did they go extinct if they are superior to us? One possibility is that they were terribly Conservative about adaption.

    • They were at most five and a half feet tall, not larger. And there’s mounting evidence that they interbred with our ancestors.

      • That’s Right! It’s possible that up to 6% of the Average Euroasian’s genome is Neanderthal.

        • We (still Euroasians) also have up to 6% Denisovan DNA in our genomes (I myself have around 5% of each, making me only 90% sapiens).

    • There’s also the fact that the shape of their heads and necks meant that they couldn’t have vocalized as wide a variety of sounds as Cro-Magnon humans.

      Simple version: The way they were shaped meant that they couldn’t talk well.

      • Some theories suggest that neanderthals died out because they required more calories to stay alive, so they were less resistant to less food.

  2. Millie’s got a point though…why not hit ONLY girls? Can’t the boys get spared the hitting too?

    I know, I know, masculine ego states that the boys are all about hitting each other and can take it. But I’m challenging the norm anyway.

  3. That position would probably be incredibly painful if Millie were a boy. Of course, it was being a girl that got her into that mess.

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