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  1. The Folly of all Religion is the lack of a personal Deity, but there’s no need to despair because I can fill the Nitch! Even now, I am exacting my plan, soon I shall divide against one another The Believer & The Thinker, The Feminist & The Chauvinist, Republican & Democratic, Etc. Then when Humanity faces its certain Doom, I shall fulfill my plan & Unite Humanity under my Rule, & you all had better be greatful for all that I do for you!

    • Ok just throwing in my two cents here… Every single different religion and belief, even if the difference is only slight, has in the past gone on countless slaughters and attempted genocides of anyone who hasnt listened to them. In other words throughout history people have been using religiois beliefs as an excuse to sieze power and or kill anyone who disagree’s with them. Then there are people who want to try znd make an impact on history by founding a religious cult that is expected to bring prosperity to its followers when the apocalypse occurs. These groups are also usually ones that end in mass suicides or a complete drug induced explanation of life or simply are giant schemes to get money from gullible, scared individuals who seek happiness, scientology is one such example. I personally reside in the bible belt of the U.S. And it is here that harry potter books are banned from churches as being called promoters of dark, satanic magic. in short though some religions provide society with common morals like not killing, people will find loop holes around those morals to satisfy what THEY think is right. So please, shut up about your cult im trying to laugh here.

      • Even Atheism is guilty in the mass slaughtering of people. Stalin’s Regime has been recorded to be responsible for more deaths than the Holocaust. It promoted Atheism among other things that supported Stalin’s ideology. In fact, anyone who went against his ideologies were often labeled as enemies of the state and sent on forced marches to labor camps. No society on earth is innocent of shedding blood. How many promote mercy and love?

        • While Stalin was apparently an atheist, saying he slaughtered people in the name of atheism is a bit like saying Hitler killed the Jews to further the cause of vegetarianism. (Still, you get points for not using Hitler as your example, like so many people do. Hitler was, by his own account, a Catholic.)

          • No, Hitler might have been born Catholic but later became apostate, and in fact the Catholic Church was his enemy. In fact Germans would later crowd Christian churches when it was clear their country was losing the war.

            An interesting note is that Stalin persecuted Christianity but had to stop during the Second World War. Khrushchev resumed the persecutions.

          • Yeah, Stalin found it advantageous to ease up on the church during the Great Patriotic War. It turns out it’s a lot easier to motivate conscripted peasants to fight for God and the Motherland than for international proletarian solidarity.

        • While Soviet Communism was officially atheist, I think it’s really more accurate to say that it sought to replace faith in God with faith in the state and the leader. You can say much the same thing for Maoist China, and pretty much any other “communist” state. This just goes to show that religion without god(s) is at least as bad as the regular kind.

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