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  1. With bees, it always feels like that they make it with us in mind. I know that isn’t the case of course, but it just feels… like nature intended for us to have that honey.

  2. But that is just a human’s selfish reaction to it. Making it for them and not even for the bees who get no help from humans at all.

    The African-Brazilian killer bees are artificially created hybrids they thought could be designed to make more honey. Only it turned out the other way. The aggression is there and they make less honey so they are pests.

    • There’s a moral in this story somewhere… Something to do with Frankenstein, but I’m too lazy to make it into something clever at the moment. 😛

      • I haven’t read Frankenstein, but I’ve watched videos summarizing it, and it seems like the moral of Frankenstein is less “don’t play god” and more “if you’re going to create life, especially if you’re using unconventional means, you’d BETTER be a responsible parent”

  3. Five or six years after this strip was published, Jerry Seinfeld chances upon it one day and, inspired by it, begins writing ‘Bee Movie’.

    • Actually that movie started as a joke Jerry made at a conference. He said “what if we made a movie about bees, and called it bee movie” People took the joke seriously, and soon he was writing a script.

  4. Actually, Domesticated Bee’s are perfectly happy with the arrangement.

    We provide them with accommodations designed so well for their needs, and with nectar sources in such an abundant supply, that they soon produce much more honey then they need. Unfortunately for them, the instinct to make honey is so strong in them that if they don’t have any space to put comb to fill they get agitated. But since we regularly remove the excess and replace them with empty shelves, they never have to worry about running out of space to fill with honeycomb.

    • Not to mention, I find it biased with many animal rights advocates hate when when humans do it but are perfectly okay when a bear destroys a hive just to get the honey. At least when humans collect honey, we don’t destroy the hive.

      • *shrug* Animals regularly kill and eat their own young, too. Moral boundaries are (as far as we know) a human invention.

        • As far as I know, mothers only kill defective young. Once killed, making proper use of a food source is good economics!

          • Males of many species will kill young to get access to a female for mating, or to eliminate potential rivals. Some baby birds will push their weaker siblings out of the nest. And then there’s pandas, who frequently kill their own offspring by accident, such as by rolling over in their sleep and smothering the cub. (Seriously, it’s hardly surprising that pandas are endangered. The big mystery is how they ever survived this long.)

  5. Guess what wild bears (and presumably other animals) eat? Of course the bees have to allow for that. Millie is the foolish one here.

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