11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The spit take

  1. Now who in their mind would have kept that stained blue dress anyway? She never claimed rape so was it a set up?

    • Keep in mind that the rumor mill of that day had a lot of dead bodies following the Clintons around and like most folklore they pointed to a basic truth – In this case the fact that the Clintons were indeed quite ruthless to anyone who got in their way. And I think we can all agree that Monica had reason to suspect that Hillary might be unhappy with her. >_>

      • Anyone who rises to that kind of office is pretty ruthless. Whether it comes out depends mostly on whether someone who opposes them has the ability to influence the media.

        This is why national leaders are almost always more popular outside their own countries. As a friend said about Thatcher, “unlike you, we saw the skulls she stepped on on the way up.”

    • Moncia never claimed that (Starr had to threaten her with jail to even admit the affair), However Jones claimed sexual harassment during his time as Governor and tried to get Moncia to claim the same to support her claim.

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