7 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Childish behavior

  1. I’ve know parents like Jeremy’s father; the minute their kid LOST a fight, they couldn’t change that tune fast enough.

    • Yeah. Problem is, they usually refuse to admit they were wrong and try to justify it – usually by blaming the other kid. Some people just have nothing between their ears 😛

      Near the end of the comic, after Millie finally fights back against Jeremy, it’s finally revealed just how stupid these adults really are. And there only excuse was that it was ‘easier’ to do it that way than to actually solve any of the problems.

  2. I think Llewelyn should have just let Jeremy’s dad beat him until he realized that dragons are just too tough. I’m sure he can take one vertically challenged rabbit.

  3. Jim Studley can count his lucky stars that Llewellyn is nearly as pacifist as his son. He just tried to pick a fight (unarmed) with an armor-plated flamethrower festooned with sharp edges. That would’ve been an even more one-sided contest than Jeremy vs Ozy.

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