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  1. Usually they report to the police of assault and battery. The children can only report to their parents and the principal.

  2. Y’know, Jeremy’s dad always struck me as looking out of place in that fancy, Victorian-like, mansion…maybe the house is the mother’s business…

    • think he bought it because it said “I can so I’m better than you.” And Llewellan (while described as rich) doesn’t have more than a fairly regular house (other than the moat) for everyday, or a butler, because he doesn’t need the status symbol and because taking care of his child makes him happy. And the moat can stand in for… lie in a hole in for… or *be* a hole in the ground in place of… the butler. Not the easiest analogy I ever tried to write. And the moat could well just be there as a whim or assure the neighbors his allergies won’t set the neighborhood alight

      • The traditional difference between ‘old money’ and ‘nouveau riche’. If you’ve gained money quickly you want to show it off, if your family’s had it for ages you tend to be more restrained/refined.

      • Lewellyn lives in a castle, though it’s probably an ancesteral home. Still more impressive then a mansion.

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