7 comments for “Ozy and Millie: An intelligent solution

  1. I did hear about a friend’s small son getting some martial arts lessons on the side and then coming at a bully with techniques the bully didn’t know, but I have this feeling that wouldn’t work for Ozzie.

  2. the catch-22- if Ozy and Millie continue what they are doing, they’ll get stuffed into things. Small Ozy joins the rugby team, the team wants him gone because he’s 45 lbs (possibly soaking wet) and to “encourage” him to quit so he doesn’t have to play,he gets stuffed into things. Added bonus option, he tries to fight back, Jeremy proves to him he can’t by stuffing him into something. And he has the feeling of having stooped to the level and failed. And show of hands- if Millie didn’t stick with words and the lectures (for being seen) were being given, who thinks the word “ladylike” would come up in one lecture and they’d forget the “she’s a girl and smaller than you” in the other? (does this depress me? let me count the ways…)

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