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  1. Strange how the bully is the one who gets the benefit of the doubt here. And we aren’t supposed to defend ourselves. It takes only one bully to start something.

    • If only Homeschooling wasn’t used as an excuse to abuse children with misinformation & complete Hogwash by Dogmatic Evangelist who fear the way of Human Progress…

      • If only this ridiculous stereotype didn’t exist to paint homeschoolers in an almost always untrue and ridiculously unfair light…

        • Agreed. I think some of my teachers in public school might have been “Dogmatic Evangelists who feared the way of human progress”.

          After all, human progress might involve things like poisoning our water supply less.

          Admittedly, I’m biased. 🙂

          • My friend has a science teacher who doesn’t believe in evolution. However, they advocate flu shots very highly. I am not entirely sure how they were hired to their position.

        • I didn’t mean that all Home Schooling was Bad, I just don’t think it’s a decent alternative to Public Schooling, not to mention my previous statement about the use of Home Schooling for purposes of Indoctrination.

          • I was homeschooled all the way from kindergarten through high school graduation. I took the ACT during my senior year, and scored a 33 out of 36, which put me in the 99th percentile of students who take the ACT. Exactly one other student from the local school district out-scored me. I don’t say this to brag, but to show that when done right, homeschooling is a perfectly good alternative to public schooling.

  2. ah, you may attest fro being well-adjusted, but i reply with this:
    “normal” children and adults tend to be far less creative and less adept at puzzle solving, while “weird” children and adults tend to be far more creative, and are extremely flexible and clever when it comes to problem solving, in addition to having, on average, higher IQs. ergo, “weird” is actually far superior to “normal”.

    • Life is best with a suitable balance of “weird” and “normal”. You definitely need some weird people around, since they’re most often the source of innovation and improvement. But you also need plenty of normal people, since someone has to do the laundry and remember to pay the light bill.

  3. Sorkowitz’s profile on the cast page is a barefaced lie. She sides with the bullies every time she gets a chance to take sides.

    • it says she doesn’t openly side with them which means shell never say there is no bullying but will say its a character building experience

  4. “How about I help you fit in instead?” / “Fit in to what?” / “Oh, I don’t know, how about a casket?”

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