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  1. In Scotland were told that win or lose all you have to do is fight back, I never was bullied in any school after my first fight because of that advice.

  2. I remember getting that advice. The person harassing me eventually tried to choke me to death because I was ignoring him.
    Yay, siblings.

    • Let me quess, no one blamed him for anything, but you were said that you need to “learn how to fight instead of being a scaredy cat!”. What a horrible person would choke someone for ignoring him?

  3. It seemed to work somewhat for me, but maybe something about me made them nervous to actually do anything physical.

    Not sure what that would be, though…

  4. I seem to be pretty well protected by a wall of charisma. That, and I am notorious for reporting offenses to the disciplinary people at my school. People stop bugging you when you have a hoard of teachers supporting you.

  5. Except the teaching staff at that school would punish Ozy for, oh I dunno, being such an easy target.

  6. Agreed, moe. Teachers, like any bureaucrats, will attack the complainer for making waves. The “ignore them and they’ll get bored” bully defense is hopelessly nearsighted. Bullies don’t need the reinforcement they’d get from hearing the nerd’s protests when they have the whole rest of society cheering them on, reinforcing their instinctive grab for social superiority.

  7. yeah, i never really had this experience; when you can prove a match most of the martial arts students at your school, people generally leave you alone.

    there was also the fact that my high school was almost entirely comprised of artists, musicians, performers and actors. the jerks who picked on people would suddenly find themselves surrounded and outnumbered thirty-to-one. that kind of put a damper on the whole “bullying” thing.

  8. My advice: be good friends with the school’s resident El SalvadoreƱo gangster-type. He wasn’t too bright… but he shaved… in 5th grade.
    If that doesn’t help, I’ve found a quick kneecapping helps to remind folks of your stance on bullies… nobody ever locked the sports shed…>83

  9. Yeah this advice has never worked. The only reprieves seem to be to out threaten the violence or out calm the threats. Meaning the only time I managed to get the bullies to stop passively was when they threw lit matches at me while a teacher watched. Then ignored the one setting my shirt on fire while staring at the bully.
    I still got sent to the office for the disruption when he tried to put me out. . .

  10. “Dad, I need you to eat some bullies at my school.” I seriously wonder if they’d keep if up if they saw Llewelyn

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