6 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Why Ozy doesn’t wear pants

  1. Too bad we couldn’t have gone without pants or underwear. I’d even take the tail to be able to.

    • Well…I’d take the tail even if it meant that I still had to wear pants.
      Because tails are cool.(zen of stupidity?)
      Ok, so, another reason is…well…ever heard of furries?

  2. Here’s a challenge, go through the archive and try to count the exact number of times a joke is made about Ozy’s pantlessness. I lost count before the redesign.

  3. I’ve wondered why Stephen actually wears pants in this world but then many characters do. I guess it’s pretty optional for them. I mean, fur covers everything up nicely…not that I saw anything when he was shaved lol. Ok, I’ll stop now

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