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  1. As a child of the 2000s I don’t remember him. But I feel like I actually have seen him before. Did he have his own tv show that was brilliant, or endearing?

        • Given that she’s a lawyer, her hair being naturally blue seems very likely unless customs for lawyers are very different in the O&M universe. (And if they are, rules for children coloring their hair may be as well.)

    • If memory Serves, it was a sweater vest, or something like that. I know he switched out one at the start of every episode

  2. This brings a little tear to my eye. I saw the documentary film about Fred Rogers when it came out and it was the most warm and wholesome thing I’ve ever seen on a movie screen. And the thing that just floors me is that I have yet to hear of any skeletons in his closet, which seems like some kind of divine intervention miracle in these days, where every single person anyone has ever heard of has about 50 books written about them explaining how they were a horrible human being in all actuality. Increasingly, it feels like the most impressive thing about Mr. Rogers is that he *WASN’T* a bad person and in fact, all indications are that he was as thoroughly wholesome a man as he appeared to be.

    I wish we had people like that in public life. Everyone being a scoundrel with dirty secrets really wears you down.

  3. I feel like though Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood CANNOT compare to Mr. Rogers (I watched the movie too, and went through several boxes of tissues), it’s raised a lot of children, and it’s certainly not the worst show on PBS Kids. But Mr. Rogers raised a lot of children too, and the way he died (stomach cancer!) really sucked. He was 74, and could’ve lasted a few more years, but STOMACH CANCER! Come on, man!
    I can’t keep writing. I’m gonna cry.

  4. What was so special about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? When you think about it, it did NOT have bright colors, silliness, stupid jokes, or other such things as seen in most children’s shows. It was tame yet not dull. Some children couldn’t stand the way he talked, but he got enough popularity when he said that “Mister Rogers likes you just the way you are.” Who says flattery gets you nowhere?

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