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  1. No concept of good and evil? That could be a problem.

    Hinduism tries to have greater and lesser good, but the idea of karma wrecks that because you have good karma and bad karma. Plus the idea that one is working off the bad deeds of the past life means that evil must exist.

        • Need some help with your Christianity there Bell?

          Gotta have a pretty sad philosophy to get those two mixed. Jesus knew which was which.

          • Nnnoo, it’s a pretty easy argument to make that sin and evil ARE the same thing, particularly since sin by definition is an act that causes harm.

            You COULD argue they aren’t, by taking the ‘Sin is a transgression against a system of rules’ approach, with the rules being the Ten Commandments (in Christianity at least) but with *maybe* one or two exceptions all of those rules are tied to actions that directly help or harm oneself and others.

            Which is the definition of good or bad.

  2. I think it’s clear that dragons do have a concept of right and wrong, it’s just that one of their favorite things is messing with people’s heads, and that saying they don’t have that concept is an effective way to do that messing.

    • The Officiant didn’t say they have no concept of right and wrong; he said they have no concept of sin. The difference is crucial.

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