12 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Doubt

  1. A mix of silly, serious, and sentimental. That is what this strip does better than any other I have ever seen, and is why I still re-read it whenever I feel down.

  2. Except, maybe, that Ozy was also meant to be his. And, while I again state that he tried to warn Ms Mudd when he realized she was falling for Millie’s dad, that Millie was too (when has his interactions with her ever been advice, comfort, or whatever that you wouldn’t expect from a great dad?) Which has me wondering again, where did they go that had Ozy moving to Millie’s school when he was 8?

  3. Still one of my favorite strips in the series, along with the one about llewellyn liking Ms. Mudd’s stories because they are about her.

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