11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Flower feminism

  1. Millie, I must disagree. Weddings are about the Bride. She spends months in planning every aspect — the colors and species of the flowers, the type and size of the cake, and so on — and, starting the day before the wedding, she gets her nails done, her hair done, and her make-up done, dons a thousand-dollar gown, and walks down the aisle to the triumphal strains of Wagner’s Wedding March. The groom? He shows up in a rented tux, wearing somebody else’s shoes.

    • I think, in this case, Millicent is more referring to how a girl is the Flower Girl and a boy is the Ringbearer.

      • It’s the kind of opinion one forms looking only at one small part of something (i.e. Her own role in the wedding) rather than seeing the whole picture. This is forgivable in children; in government, it leads to massive civil rights violations and a body count. 🙁

  2. The flower girl is actually rather important in the ritual. She signals that you’ve gone from pre-ritual gathering to ritual proper.

    ritual is a funny word.

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