9 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Percival Smaug Llewellyn

  1. I never understood the meaning or the purpose of that strange looking character that apparently makes an “s” sound. Does anyone know what that thing is and why it exists (existed)??

    • It actually is an ‘s,’ just vertically stretched. It’s a calligraphic style thing more than a linguistic thing.

    • There are (were) some orthographic rules for some languages, at least German – the left part of the (in)famous ß is such a ‘long s’.
      Leß harmful than the Capitalization rules 🙂

    • The short ‘s’ character was first used in the fifteenth century, in mixed use with the then-prevalent long ‘ſ’. It was popularised in the 1700s by mechanical printing, where it became necessary to distinguish the long S ‘ſ’ from lowercase F ‘f’ in some fonts, and soon became the accepted convention.

  2. The lonely dragon can only take from you what you don’t already have, but he must return it to you.

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