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  1. I was just looking through Danas Deviantart works, and it occurred to me, has she ever drawn a kangaroo wearing pants? Or without earrings?

    • It depends on her motivations. If- ultimately- she tried to fight Principal Vine, but could get nowhere, she may be good-intentioned but have given up. Not brilliant, but it doesn’t mean she should be lumped in with Principal Vine.

      For example, the ” I didn’t see it myself, so I have to assume it didn’t happen and cannot use logic to determine what happened” frankly sounds like something Principal Vine would come up with, not Miss Sorkowitz. ( Principal Vine, remember, sees bullying as merely encouraging people who stick out to become good little conformists. Hence, I could see him issuing edicts to ensure that staff are required to be blind, deaf and dumb to bullying, since he actually wants to encourage it.)

      I agree it doesn’t make her a good teacher, though- just that if Principal Vine was replaced with a Principal that wasn’t an incompetent idiot, she could become a decent teacher.

      • Opression and torment occur at every level. She just as guilty for not breaking the chain as the principal is for starting it

  2. Mmh, now that I think about it, making your long and fluffy tail go through the hole of your underwear/bikini/pants/whatever, mut be a pain…

    • Just put your feet through the holes, then pull it up far enough to start your tail through. Yes, I’ve probably spent way too much time thinking about the mechanics of having a tail.

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