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  1. I was just looking through Danas Deviantart works, and it occurred to me, has she ever drawn a kangaroo wearing pants? Or without earrings?

    • It depends on her motivations. If- ultimately- she tried to fight Principal Vine, but could get nowhere, she may be good-intentioned but have given up. Not brilliant, but it doesn’t mean she should be lumped in with Principal Vine.

      For example, the ” I didn’t see it myself, so I have to assume it didn’t happen and cannot use logic to determine what happened” frankly sounds like something Principal Vine would come up with, not Miss Sorkowitz. ( Principal Vine, remember, sees bullying as merely encouraging people who stick out to become good little conformists. Hence, I could see him issuing edicts to ensure that staff are required to be blind, deaf and dumb to bullying, since he actually wants to encourage it.)

      I agree it doesn’t make her a good teacher, though- just that if Principal Vine was replaced with a Principal that wasn’t an incompetent idiot, she could become a decent teacher.

      • Opression and torment occur at every level. She just as guilty for not breaking the chain as the principal is for starting it

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