11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Cool

    • Oh c’mon everything changes. If you liked the old art style, go back in the archives a bit. You will never get anything new or different, or advance the plot of the story any farther than it is now, but you won’t have to deal with change either.

    • I’d much rather write a letter to my past self. I’d tell him not to be such a gullible pushover. Turns out many of my teachers and other authority figures were absolutely full of it, and despite my lack of experience, I really did know a lot more than they did. (Not just my opinion, even my mother has told me that many of my teachers were intimidated by dealing with a kid a lot smarter than they were.) Lots of people probably thought of me as cynical, but my life ever since has convinced me that I wasn’t nearly cynical enough.

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