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    • Reminds me of “The Damned Thing”, a short story by Ambrose Bierce. It’s about a monster that’s invisible because it’s a color humans can’t see.

  1. The color purple actually doesn’t exist. It is how your brain interprets the red and blue cones in your eyes firing when the green ones don’t. Is that one cool enough for you Millie?

    • 1. Actually all color vision works that way.
      2. You don’t have red cones anyway. Only blue, green and yellow-green. Red is just as much a synthetic as violet.

      • The most common type of cone in the human eye (about 60%) responds to long wavelengths, ie red. The second most common (30%) responds to medium wavelengths, ie yellow to green. The other 10% respond to short wavelengths, ie blue.

    • There was this one lady who could see waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more colors than everybody else. I forget the specifics.

      • A typical human eye has three types of cones, the cells that allow for color vision. There are some people who have a fourth type, which allows them to distinguish far more individual colors. Estimates for just how common this is vary a lot, but it does seem to be far common in women.

    • True of all colors, really. Nature only features different wavelengths of radiation. “Color” is just how we humans describe those wavelengths that we sense with our eyes.

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