10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Pink poisoning

    • Whenever someone mentions apps now, I am never going to think about it that same way. I am going to get so many strange looks from snickering.

  1. This is possibly the only strip in which I dislike Millie’s mom. Why is a dress “dressing appropriately?” I mean, I’ll go with “not the overalls” but it seems there are lots of other options.

    There may be loads of subtext in which this makes sense, but as it comes across its just the one moment it makes me sad about her.

  2. It’s a day for the students, they should wear whatever they like. As long as it’s not too inappropriate, let them express themselves on their day

  3. The 2000s. Back when the emo fad was nice and popular, but suddenly, a couple of years later, the rejection started.

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