10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Happy patriotic explosion day

  1. Alright from now on I am calling July 4 “patriotic explosion day”.

    Which is appropriate. Blowing things up is very definitely an American tradition.

    • The peddant in me insists on pointing out that (1) the term ‘strip’ isn’t particularly accurate here, (2) that there have been a great many colour strips since, just not Ozy and Millie ones and (3) by specifying ‘ever’, you leave no allowance for the possibility of Dana returning to this world at some future date.

      And yes, I spell peddant wrong just to make other peddants twitch.

  2. The greatest strips have often been Llewellan holding Ozy in his lap. Fitting that now Millie is beside him on her Mom’s

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