12 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Nasty allergies

  1. Why does he need to cower with his waistcoat there? I can’t tell what’s nudity and what isn’t with the fur, and whether it’s significant in either case in their universe.

    • Then again, perhaps I’m just overthinking things. Don’t let my muddlement hamper your own enjoyment of this marvellous strip.

      • The thing is that his uh, parts, are usually covered by his fur, but when he has none it has to be censored because no one really wants to see that. If they do they are huge perverts and should have their brains cleaned out as soon as possible.

    • Looks like fur counts as adequate clothing (at this age) for those so endowed. A touch eccentric perhaps, but no more nude than a human in very tight cycling kit. Lose the fur, and some improvisation must be found.
      For ‘adults’, clothing conventions seem to mirror those in our world.

      • You forget, Mrs. Sorkowitz doesnt wear pants.

        Otherwise the only difference is that shoes are about as much of a social requirement for them as hats are for us.

        Also, since I didn’t call it the “sole exception” you cannot call me out on my bad pun.

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