15 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Question time

  1. I think it says something about me that I understood that discussion perfectly well and found it liberatingly concise.

  2. 1) “Are we gonna have a big wedding?” “No.” “Why not?”
    2) “Are we all gonna move in together?” “Maybe.” “When?”
    3) “Can I be the flower girl?” “Yes.” “Yay!”
    4) “Will there be cake?” “Yes.” “Yay again!”
    5) “Can I have champagne?” “No.” “How about Tequila, then?”
    6) “Can I curl my hair?” “Yes.” “Yay a third time!”
    7) “What’s the only letter that doesn’t appear in the name of any U.S. State?” “I think it’s Q.” “That’s right!”

  3. “No, you can’t have tequila, either.”

    “Okay, what about rum?”

    “No way, kid! Where do you think YOU came from?”

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