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  1. Although I’m aware that isn’t real caviar, I still dont know if it would fool anyone with a brain. (which excludes Jeremy) Even if it looks exactly like caviar, Ozy is a Budhist, which means he would be a vegetarian. And since when is fish a vegetable? Since when are eggs vegetables?

    • Vegetarianism is something of a Buddhist ideal, but it’s hardly a universal practice. Even monks aren’t necessarily vegetarian. In their case, beggars literally can’t be choosers. They’re expected to support themselves entirely on charity, and so they’re supposed to gratefully accept whatever food people are kind enough to give them.

      Buddhism aside, there are different types of vegetarians. At the most extreme, vegans strive to avoid all animal-derived products, including non-food items such as leather or wool clothing. On the other hand, pescatarians eat fish, but not meat from birds or mammals. Ovo-lacto vegetarians shun meat, but will eat eggs and dairy products. Also, I just discovered that there is such a thing as vegetarian “caviar”, made from seaweed.

  2. During the Korean War, Soviet T-34/85 tanks, once American forces obtained the necessary weapons to destroy them, would become known derisively as “caviar cans”.

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