13 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Schadenfreude

    • Are you so sure about that? I think the Unseelie Court would want to ENCOURAGE schadenfreude and other nasty emotions. “The better to turn those foolish mortals against one another … and then WE will reign AHAHAH!”

      • Hmm. I had never heard of the Unseelie Court until I read your comment. After Googling the phrase, I now believe I’m a victim of said “court”. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have NO luck at all.

      • In one series of books I read, the Unseelie fae actually drew power from “negative” human emotions such as hatred, fear and jealousy. So, yeah, I’m sure they’d be all in favor of a big, heaping helping of schadenfreude. Naturally, the Seelie fae drew power from “positive” emotions, such as love and happiness, so the two courts both tried to influence humanity in ways that would benefit them.

    • They are prevalent at conventions. Have you ever noticed that free stuff sneaks into your bag without you noticing it? Swag fairies.

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