20 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Happy V-Day

  1. She has finally found her greatest weapon. I’m just glad that she’ll find a different occupation as soon as she gets bored with being our Highest and Most Exalted Overlord.
    All hail queen Millie!

  2. Valentines Day, the day people celebrate the day a Saint was Martyred by means of Cheap Chocolate, even Cheaper Cards & worthless declaratons of Love.

  3. Awwww!
    That’s so cute!

    Although, I must say, when I saw the title in the archives, I didn’t notice it was from February 14 and thus thought “V-Day” meant Veteran’s Day. XD

  4. So is this ship official or is this just weirdness that results from such relationships like gay jokes between straight friends?

    Also when did mille kiss ozy before?

  5. I will say this ONCE: This is another one of millie’s world domination schemes, not a display of romantic affection.

  6. This doesn’t prove anything. It just proves that she finds kisses to be disarming and he was freaked out

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