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  1. In third grade, I tried to do something like this, but I ended up burning the paper I had written and writing it again. At least it was a good reason to burn something. *maniacal grin*

  2. Things would get worse from there, here in real life…

    Over here in hispanic countries, some clowns would invent the “inclusive language”, suggesting that people should use a neutral form for words instead of feminine or masculine terms. For example: when you reffer to “all”, in spanish you say “todos”, which is a masculine form and also the general way to say “all” in spanish”, but there exists “todas” for “all” in feminine, which is used to reffer the total set of feminine subjects or objects, like “todas las mujeres”: “all the women”. But then came these clowns who claim that we should use a neutral form, but they claim that we should use “todes” instead of “todos” or “todas”, which is totally wrong, a destruction of our spanish language by the invention of a totally nonexistent form of those words and it’s also pointless. Not just on that word, but also with every word with a masculine of feminine: for “niños” (boys) and “niñas” (girls), they want to use “niñes”; for “compañeros” (partners or co-workers) and “compañeras”, they want to add “compañeres”. They even made memes of that one. IT’S TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! Instead of learning a foreign language or sign language, or braille (these two real inclusive languages), they want to come up and babble nonsense and they even want it to be official or legal. They’re crazy!

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