10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: The point

  1. In panel 3, she looks like she’s one step away from biting Ms. Sorkowitz.

    And frankly, I wouldn’t blame her.

  2. Mrs Mudd is one of the most epic moms ever. She knows when her daughter has been wronged, and will take action to fix it. Far better parenting then just saying “life is tough.”

  3. You know I have a daughter only a little younger than Millie and if this happened or happens to her I’m going to tell the principal they have two options; either punish the bully with a history of violence more severely than my child or I’ll accept the ramifications of beating the snot out of them myself.

    I guarantee that would produce fast results.

    • It would only produce the fast result of having you arrested for making terroristic threats against a minor, unfortunately.

  4. Or name Ms Sorkowitz and Principle Vine in a lawsuit. A few years’ salary as punitive damages might make a dent in those blockheads. I for one would vote to dent Jeremy too. — make Jeremy himself pay, don’t go running to Dad. A few years cracking rocks might make them think for a change.

  5. Sorry, but blaming it all on the “system” only goes so far. At some point, complicity with a clearly evil system becomes evil. It may be passive evil instead of active evil, but at the end of the day, it’s still evil.

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