13 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Tanning optimism

  1. OK, I admit I am new to this universe – or tooniverse – but I haven’t seen any humans, so where did the concept of tanning come from???

  2. From what i see, The history, technologies and world are the same us ours, The only difference is they’re animals.

  3. We have a ‘black’ cat who suns outside a lot. In the right light, everything but his head is actually a shade of brown. Our other black cat, who is much more an indoor cat, is fully black. I suspect Millie could achieve similar results to our outdoor cat, if she spent some of her time in the sun grooming as well.

  4. Years ago I had the loan of a Siamese cat (friend had two cats that weren’t getting along with each other). When I gave the cat back my friend was astonished to see how much of the cat’s fur was dark! In Siamese, light vs dark fur reflects temperature, and I kept my flat significantly cooler than most others would (and still do).

  5. Sorry, Millie, but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will make your fur lighter, not darker. That’s certainly how it works with taxidermied animals, anyway. Since the visible part of the hair follicle is already dead, I suspect it would be the same for living animals. Of course, Millie won’t be sitting in the sun all day, every day, and her hair will be growing, so it’s probably not going to have a noticeable effect one way or the other.

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