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  1. It’s a lawsuit that needs to happen, in far too many school districts. Unfortunately, the entrenched bureaucracy works pretty much the way it is being portrayed; zero-tolerance policies and strict adherence to the principal of “assume nothing and punish only what is witnessed” leave teachers and administrators in positions where they are actually required not to exercise reason.

  2. Bitflipper has a wholly valid point – much as the strip here is portraying teachers as the villains (and some indeed are), the rule systems in place do actually actively prevent them from taking action in these circumstances, oftentimes. Even when they logically KNOW what has happened.

    The more reason to give children non-lethal but effective means of response (martial arts, etc).

    because society frowns upon the lethal ones.

  3. Once my mom checked my math homework and said i got the answers right, but the teacher insisted that they were wrong. It’s a shame I was so angry that my mom lost interest in confronting the teacher about it.

    • Once I was given a complicated geometry problem in high school which a typo rendered unsolvable. I spent hours on it, went to my father (who spent hours on it) and we finally gave up.
      At least the teacher admitted his mistake the next day.

  4. Perhaps Jeremy would like to play full-contact American football with other jocks without all that crybaby padding. A few tackles would knock some sense into him, or knock him senseless. Nobody would notice the latter.

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