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  1. What I want to know is, how could she NOT have seen what Jeremy was doing? At the time Millie clobbered him he was bout to shove her in the mud again.

    Could it have had something to do with the fact that he’s an athlete, and heaven forbid we should punish a jock?

    • I wouldn’t go THAT far. But yeah, it seems many of us have had the same experience as Millie here. I know I have. And my mother honestly wonders why my sister home schools her kids.

      • If I had kids, I’d home school, too, but, not because of bullies. I would do it so I could guarantee my kids got an education not indoctrination.

    • That is bullpuckey gameboy.
      Homicidal maniac kids lead to school shootings.
      I was bullied both at home (older brothers) and at school and I never once even imagined killing my tormentors, let alone actually wanting to.

      This whole “bullying is the cause” is another case of blaming the victim for the crime.

    • That’s a myth based on bad information the media got hold of the first time and has stuck around since.

      In nearly every case shooters have been bullies.

    • It comes mostly from kids who were told incessantly how awesome they were without doing anything to show it and growing into entitled, narcissistic prats. This has more chances to happen to former bullies becoming part of the unpopular kids as they grow up than the victims of bullying.

  2. This is, to my knowledge, only the second time Millie has been portrayed as crying. (The first time was when Jeremy wouldn’t let her get out of the mud.)

  3. I accidentally had foreknowledge that this arc was coming but that’s not helping with the sadness.

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