13 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Enforcement

  1. I’d break down in tears about this moment.

    This would probably help with the teachers, but they happened to never be around when I was bullied, so things only got worse.

    I hate middle school.

  2. I was actually accused of hitting someone before. I didn’t actually have the strength to hit him as hard as he claimed, so nothing really came of it. But all the times I was hit or had things thrown at me, nothing came of my reports I had to keep filling out either (I must have filled out at least 50 in middle school).

  3. Ohh, if only she had held out for one more second, unless Sorkowitz actually did see Jeremy push her. In fact, why not have a conspiracy theory about Sorkowitz telling Jeremy to push Millie just so she could have an excuse to punish her.

    • Sorkowitz: I can only punish offences I see in person.

      Millie: It sounds like you just want punish and make me a victim.

      Sorkowitz (thinking): She’s on to us.

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