11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Stuck in the puddle

  1. So I’m not the only one that gives my opponents advice! Yay! Sometimes, I get bored with winning things so easily, and say, for example, “When I move my knight like so, it leaves my rook exposed,” and the like.

    • I’ve been known on more than one occasion to respond to inflammatory, ungrammatical remarks on various internet forums with “If you truly wish to insult me, then please do so in such manner as not to make me smirk.” Do you suppose that qualifies as giving opponents advice?

      • Yes, if just because it defeats the purpose of “insulting” if it makes the other person laugh instead of get angry or depressed.

      • I do like to point out to people that if you’re going to criticize other posters’ knowledge or intelligence, you might want to avoid simple spelling errors. You wouldn’t believe how many morans have called me an “ignoranus”.

    • I knew a guy once who got out of a mugging by pointing out that the mugger was holding the knife wrong, and then reaching for it going “No, really, let me show you, that’s the wrong way to hold it…” At which point the mugger was so freaked out he ran away.

      But that’s probably an unusual case.

    • Step-siblings are no more related than two random beings (we’re all related if you trace back far enough) from the genetics side (and I *am* a geneticist), so eugenically that marriage would be as safe as any other. Would probably be taboo in most cultures (but think ancient Egypt). But aren’t they different species? Matters not for marriage per se, but —

    • I kind of hope they don’t get married. Not every boy girl relationship has to be romantic. They could simply be brother and sister, like they basically already are. It reminds me of The Doctor and Donna. No romantic sparks (no deep ones anyway lol) and they’re really just friends.

  2. Well, Mililani and Llewellyn are rather more different species than Millie and Ozy (who has been revised from wolf to arctic fox at some point anyway…), and they didn’t let that get in the way of their marriage. Granted, they already have their kids. 🙂

    But Millie and Ozy may as well just stay friends and treat each other as siblings as become a couple; they have a relationship that works great either way.

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