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    • Martin’s immediately recognizable drawing style (which featured bulbous noses, and the famous hinged foot) was loose, rounded, and filled with broad slapstick. His inspirations, plots, and themes were often bizarre and at times bordered on the berserk. In his earliest years with Mad, Martin used a more jagged, scratchy line. His style evolved, settling into its familiar form by 1964. It was typified by a sameness in the appearance of the characters (the punchline to a strip often was emphasized by a deadpan take with eyes half open and the mouth absent or in a tight, small circle of steadfast perplexity) and by an endless capacity for newly coined, onomatopoetic sound effects, such as “BREEDEET BREEDEET” for a croaking frog, “PLORTCH” for a knight being stabbed by a sword, or “FAGROON klubble klubble” for a collapsing building.[4] (Martin’s dedication to onomatopoeia was such that he owned a vanity license plate which read “SHTOINK,” patterned after the style of his famed sound effects.)[5]

  1. There was an Ernie Bushmiller “Nancy” comic in my youth that had Nancy and the young boy (?Peewee?) playing together, and Nancy says that any word loses its meaning and becomes funny if you say it enough, so they try this with “foot” (foot foot foot Ha Ha Ha) until they are nearly exhausted and then Nancy says, “I know a word twice as funny. Feet!”

    Still one of my all-time favourites.

    • I saw a Peanuts comic book (not canon to the newspaper strip) where Lucy ends up repeating the word “never”, and gets the idea that if a word is repeated enough, it sounds strange. So she finds Charlie Brown and asks him to say the word “never” repeatedly, and Charlie Brown, not knowing Lucy’s idea, gets angry and goes into a tirade in which he keeps using the word “never!” Lucy concludes that she was wrong about the repeated use of the word “never”.

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