8 comments for “Ozy And Millie: Organizational challenges

  1. Ooookay, so Millie undressed to clean her room, now she can not find where she placed her overalls. Ha!

  2. They can’t be that essential – Ozy doesn’t wear pants after all, and nudity is perfectly acceptable.

    • I think, like most talking-animal settings, it doesn’t matter how little you wear as long as you wear something – for the protagonists’ age group, at least. Can’t be having public nudity, but the exact wardrobe level is variable. It’s more nuanced in this case (according to age and/or biological maturity?): Tim can get away with fur, but adults generally wear human-appropriate levels of clothing.

      • Mrs. Sorkowitz doesn’t wear pants, and Llewellyn stops later.

        Those anomolies aside, it’s up for interpretation. Going barefoot everywhere might look strange for humans, but it isn’t imodest.

  3. I’m pretty sure there was an arc where she forgot to put clothes on for school picture day. People did not approve.

    • But do you have young vixens, bare to the fur, prancing around your room?
      If so, what about the moms, and may I come over? 😉

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