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  1. Anything can be ruined with a bad title, but if the title the studio gave Isolde’s film is accurate, then it somehow manages to simultaneously be to good for it.

    • This is sort of like the documentary World War II from Space. It is an amazingly well made documentary, but nobody can take it seriously with a title like that.

      • I think the fact that the “documentary” is a jingoistic masturbation on the topic of just how fracking awesome ‘murica is may also have something to do with it.
        It’s certainly why I stopped watching after about twenty minutes. Especially since it apparently does this to the point of providing false (or at least misleadingly vague) information.

        I’m sorry, but I can’t call a documentary “amazingly well made” when it has a map where Italy belongs to the Third Reich in 1942 (after Italy’s surrender to the allies, the Reich actually did annex it, but that was much later).

    • She’s not. “Suit” implies “Jacket;” not only is she not wearing one, she has her shirtsleeves well rolled up. Presumably the colour of the tie matches that of the (presumptive) skirt and she likes that colour co-ordination!

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