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  1. I wouldn’t say they’re completely informed by school programs, DARE seemed to suggest that the only reason people smoke is peer pressure, and not, say, stress relief without impairing ability to pass finals.

    Also they make it seem like pot does the same thing as LSD.

  2. I saw an experiment where a group had little children go up to smokers and ask them for a light. Without failure, the adults started on about how smoking is bad for the little kids and they shouldn’t do it. Knowing is half the battle, but not all of it.

    • I can sympathize with those smokers, though, and I even went a step further, back when I used to smoke: when cornered by a youngster with, “Well, _you_ smoke!” my response was “And how do my bad choices justify your bad choices?” Hypocritical of me, I’m sure. But I was also sincere; I knew I had an addiction, and I hated that fact.

  3. And most people who drink coffee are addicted to it. Don’t believe me? See how long *you* can go without coffee before you get a headache.

    • I have for sure kicked that addiction! I still have coffee-makings in the house but I can go days without drinking any. So when I do have a cup it is a treat!

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