Ozy and Millie: How do you do it, Ozy?

The original artwork for this comic is available for purchase.

Notes: White-out corrections in all panels, including panel 2, where the border was removed. Pencilled notes in the bottom margin: “MANTRA – HYPERFOCUS” and “ozy – sabotages millie – she figures the mystery out at the very end.”

  6 comments for “Ozy and Millie: How do you do it, Ozy?

  1. Don’t suppress your thoughts; that is effort, and it disturbs the stillness you seek. Let thoughts come and go as they will, and pay them no heed. Focus on nothing; do not become distracted. Do not follow any train of thought. Allow your attention to become as still as the emptied mind you seek. Stillness will come, in due time and with diligent practice.

    It is not easy, when first starting out. But, ironically, once you’ve achieved stillness, it becomes easier than thought. It takes time, dedication, serenity, and patience.

    One cannot pursue enlightenment; one must allow enlightenment to come of its own accord.

    • Why would I or how could I not follow any train of thought? I’m not really capable of not thinking, because thought keeps me from going completely insane. And how can it be possible to achieve “enlightenment” without conscious thought? And how do we know in the first place that profound understanding of the universe doesn’t escape the grasp of the human mind?

      I’m sorry, it just gets really annoying and frustrating to me when people like you talk in that particular manner, like you know exactly what to do to achieve something, when following those instructions do not work with me, even with practice. I hate when people act like they know more than they actually do.


      Ahh, now I feel better.

      • You might consider that some, perhaps not all, of the people who talk that way are either used to explaining or are teachers/advisers of some sort. It may also be they paraphrase the way they were taught to do such things. Some people learn differently than others, which is why some people have a harder time understanding in school until it is explained differently. I learned to meditate in the traditional way, by sitting and allowing my mind to free itself. It took months to achieve. Once I had, however, I realised I’d been meditating for years. It was the same state of mind I fall into when I’m walking on a treadmill. I started by counting my breaths and within five minutes, I was clear and open. Not empty, but clear. What I was doing was outside of it. The hour I spent walking seemed to take forever and no time at all. Eventually, I discovered “dynamic meditation,” but not until years later. It’s completely different and considered harder to learn by traditional standards, but some people simply cannot sit still. So they need another method. So when instructions do not work with you, “even with practice,” perhaps consider that the person giving them does in fact know what they’re talking about. The problem may be that you simply need another method, and it’s not the one they use. Never assume that because you can’t do it, the person giving instructions is wrong or pretentious. Look for another method to achieve what you are trying to achieve. Or, in some cases, consider that you just may not be capable of whatever is being explained to you. Everybody isn’t able to do everything.

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