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  1. Didn’t Millie tell her mom that she and Ozy had resolved to have interesting dreams, implying that she would share them with him? There should be a strip in here that’s either a fuzzy-feeling inducer, as they find that they have been living their dream anyway, and no significant change to their relationship needs to occur to ensure their continued happiness (e.g. Ozy: What do you think we could change to make this compatible with our feelings? Millie: You know what, I don’t think that we could change a thing. We already spend our time together, and you’re already perfect.), or a strip in which Millie awkwardly makes up a different, probably music-related, top dream?

    • Although, this is probably a much worse conclusion to a story than what is already there, and that idea probably just explains why I don’t do webcomics (well, that and the fact that I can’t draw).

      • Not being able to draw is not entirely a problem. There is a 1000+ strip comic of Final Fantasy where all backgrounds are simplistic and all characters are sprites from the game. Dinosaur Comics also never, ever changes the images in the panels.

          • You lifted that from the Calvin And Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book. Either that, or you agree with Bill Watterson, which is never a bad thing.

            “The best comics have funny writing and funny drawings, but sometimes the strength of one can make up for the weakness of the other. Great writing will save boring artwork better than great drawings will save boring ideas, but comics are a visual medium, and a funny picture can pull more weight than most people think. Whenever deadlines force me to go with a mediocre idea, I go for broke on the illustration.”
            -Bill Watterson, The Calvin And Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

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