6 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Naked in school

  1. A few others in the class:
    Mrs. Sorkowitz: Frank Chance
    Ozy: Pat Moran (hit by pitch twice, never hit a home run (zen runs))
    Avery: Tom Walsh (struck out every time he tried to “be cool” (was at bat))
    Felicia: Doc Gessler (was at best average, but still got her own nickname)
    Jeremy: Harry Steinfeldt (had a .327 batting average, 83 RBI, and 3 HR, best overall at-bat on the team.)
    Stephan: Jack Harper (no contribution to the team athletically, and the important people didn’t like him (while pitching, he once hit the manager three times in one game, knocking him out cold. He sat on the bench all year.))

  2. Only if the nudist is bald in the offending area.

    Also, most don’t dream that an exact clone of themselves is narrating everything.

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