8 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Acceptable risk

  1. The bus driving away from one end of a nature trail brings makes me want to see a map of their neighborhood.

  2. Hey, I weir a fadora, carry a briefcase and have pretty much the same suit as ozy. Mind you I get a lot of people asking when I’m gonna blow up the school.
    Never have, never will. Peace is da way!

  3. Tip a youtuber said against school bullies. If there’s a bully taking it against you regularly and the teachers do nothing against it, prepare a notebook and write down what happened with honest words. From there, write down every single incident with the bully until you cannot take it anymore and decide to take it back against the bully. Break his face, make him cry like he loves to make you cry. See then that finally, the teachers are actually gonna do something here and they’ll take you to the principal and the bully to the infirmary. They’ll definitely call your parents and those of the bully. Then when they’re all gathered at the principal’s office with your parents asking for an explanation, the bully’s parents wishing to exterminate you with their eyes while comforting their little pr*ck and the principal just waiting for the whole scene to end, take out your notebook (be sure to have it with you from the beginning) and start reading out loud every single thing the bully has done to you, so his parents realize the little a$$hole they thought it was a good idea to bring and set loose in this world.

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