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    • Singapore is wildly known for having strict laws which are considered harmless in other countries.
      For example, it is illegal (considered “mischief”) to take someone’s property and throw it into a river, illegal to cheat on your spouse, and even illegal to make obscene gestures or comments towards a woman’s modesty (punishable by up to a year in prison and/or a small fine).

      • to be fair, while adultery laws are often held unconstitutional, in Massachusetts, Idaho, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Wisconsin adultery’s a felony. (and there are another 16 states where it’s a misdemeanour)

        and taking someone’s property and throwing it into a river would presumably be theft (taking with intent to permanent deprive- if it’s an actual river, not a stream, retrieval is dubious at best) while the obscene comments, if they are causing a disturbance (which they would probably need to to attract police attention) would probably fall under “breach of the peace” if nothing else.)

      • Not quite. What is illegal, and punishable by jail and caning, is “outrage of modesty”. Which basically means molestation on public transport, i.e., sexual assault.

        That’s none too bad, no?

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