Ozy and Millie: Window to the mind

The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase. See the original artwork information page for more information.
Notes: White-out corrections in the first and second panels; pasted-in dialog correction in the second panel. The original for this strip is somewhat smaller than most of the others — about 4.5×16 inches.

  10 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Window to the mind

  1. great, now i’m thinking about blinking and its no longer an involuntary process… which reminds me of millie’s issue with breathing, so now both my blinking and breathing are no longer involuntary…

  2. I thought they were the window to the soul. I hope Ozy manages to close the window before it gets drafty in there.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same thing as the Terminator, because he thought robots wouldn’t blink, and Anthony Hopkins did it for Hannibal Lecter to enhance the “psychopath” factor.

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