11 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Calling their bluff

  1. Strangely and terrifyingly some of them have foreclosed on houses they don’t own. I’d like to end this little monarchies.

    • actually, in those cases- where the HOA is empowered by the deed- the HOA DOES own an interest. Basically, how it works is that the developer sells the house subject to conditions- specifically, those set by the HOA. As such, it’s considered equivalent to no longer paying your mortgage.(the HOA’s interest is similar to that of a mortgage lender legally speaking.)

  2. Yep, at this point, the garbage monster would crawl out of the sewer to try to crush Lewlewen, but in his case, he could set it on fire, but then the whole old landfill might come alive to swallow him.

      • Apparently, some horror film neither of us has seen, but also a reference to one of the original justifications for HAs: to make sure garbage was removed regularly (back in the days when garbage disposal was the responsibility of the house owner)

        • An X-Files episode, actually. In “Arcadia” (season 6, episode 15) the head of an HOA uses a spirit known as a tulpa to attack anyone who violates the rules.

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