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    • Given the similar trend lines between the phrases, the analytic data seems to have more to do with Google’s available source material than with actual usage; they both seem to roughly correspond with important periods in world history, from the steady rise at the end of the Roaring 20’s through the Great Depression all the way up until the height of World War II, with a sharp decline thereafter, until I suppose many more digital resources became available in the 1980’s onward.

  1. The phrase is “pleased as (Mr) Punch”, of Punch and Judy fame, who is indeed uncommonly pleased with himself. Comparing the n-gram searches with and without the capital P is illuminating; seems the phrase is being used by many who don’t see a connection between policemen, crocodiles, babies, and sausages.

  2. She didn’t shake the stick at the entire beach, only the part in front of her. I don’t think she has the attention span to walk up and down the beach all day shaking a stick, so the phrase makes sense.

  3. In actuality, the stars in the galaxy alone make all the sand look a bit smaller than her molecule collection.

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