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  1. With the exception of Tom Daschle, there haven’t been many actual filibusters since the great filibuster in 1964 when Democrat Senators filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 54 straight days. Daschle did more than a hundred. Since they weren’t for any particular purpose, he must have enjoyed the power that came from doing them. There are people like that out there that enjoy tossing a wrench in things for the sheer joy of tossing a wrench. Sigh.

    • One



      Google the words “Record Number of Filibusters”

      And one more thing.

      Those Dems who filibustered the Civil Rights Act later joined the REPUBLICAN party.

      • Yeah, the parties have flip-flopped on their political beliefs. In the past, what we call a “democrat” would have been a “republican” and vice versa.

        Anyway, the reason there haven’t been that many filibusters is because everyone HATES them with a passion. Generally speaking, it’s the THREAT of a filibuster that gets the politician their way, not usually the filibuster itself.

      • Saying racist Democrats migrated to the Republican party in the wake of the CRA carte blanche is not wholly true. Yes many did move, but many persisted in their respective parties. I get a little tired of this narrative; it has some merit but is perhaps unfair to Republicans.

        Millie is absolutely right about the pencils.

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