12 comments for “Ozy and Millie: Mom, what’s a filibuster?

  1. Yep. Tom Daschle wasn’t called the “Great Obstructor” for nothing. Apparently he must have enjoyed doing it. Given his record for corruption in his state, he must have had some motive like that. South Dakotans finally dumped him because of it.

  2. Personally I think that filibusters are like cheating in politics. Decisions should be made based on what the right thing to do is, not how long an idiot can talk for.

    • if we never elected a mass of idiots you’d have a point. But sometimes the majority in the government is, say, doing something that will benefit the 1% at the cost (literally) of the people who’ll be paying taxes in their stead, or acting against another population group. Then the right thing to do is make people think rather than let something be rubber-stamped through

    • The American system was designed to prevent tyranny by minorities over the majority, but it was also meant to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority. It was never designed to allow for the unrestricted rule of 50%+1. The whole point was to require a broad consensus before making any sweeping changes. People complain about the government “doing nothing”, but when there’s no consensus about what should be done, then I think “nothing” is exactly what they government should be doing.

  3. It would have been safer to just give her the original definition.

    Or just tell her it means someone who breaks horses.

  4. The 2007-08 110th Congress recorded the most number of filibusters for any year with 112.
    Reference: infomory.com/numbers/number-of-filibusters/

  5. Now would be a good time to tell your daughter that it’s only allowed in one house of Congress, and you didn’t raise her to be a Senator.

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