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  1. And this is why I moved somewhere that doesn’t have a HOA. Those people have no lives appearentlly cause they’d rather spend thier time complaining someones grass in an inch too long. 8/

  2. Amen, I have yet to see a homeowner’s association that would actually do something to help neighbors who may be unable to maintain their property to the HOA exacting standards.

  3. My neighborhood has a good homeowners association actually. They focus less on specifics of the houses in the neighborhood, but instead protect it from the encroaching university nearby. Considering the neighborhood is over 80 years old, the goal is mostly to keep it from being bought up and turned into parking lots.

  4. When I was in high-school, we lived in a neighborhood that had a large percentage of retirees. They basically took over the HOA, and immediately passed a series of bylaws aimed at everybody but themselves. For example, no one was allowed to own a pickup truck. This forced one of our other neighbors to get rid of his ( awesome ) El Camino.

  5. I lived in a gated community once, with a super-strict HOA.

    It was bad. Houses could only be painted one of four different pastel colors (this was in Florida, so lots of painted stucco) and since there was a lake behind our house, they needed a way to get vehicles to it just in case of problems (we had everything from people nearly drowning to an alligator who popped over from the nearby Everglades for a visit). They got mad when we put up a fence because they wouldn’t be able to drive through our yard to get to the lake. They forced us to put two vehicle-sized gates in our fence, even though the area they wanted to drive through had six massive trees planted right in the middle of it, forming a barrier far more impassable than a mere fence.

    And don’t even get me started on the rules about grass length, parking on the street or even in your own driveway, etc. SO glad we moved away from there.

  6. Why does Ozy apparently do the grocery list. is it an exercise in perfecting spelling? Does Llewellan have terrible handwriting? Or conversely only know how to write in the calligraphic styles such as is used for his speech so it takes longer and looks like an illuminated text?

    • They do, sometimes by local ordinance and sometimes by a contract you sign when you purchase a house in your neighborhood. They can fine you, file liens against your property, and, in some states, foreclose on your house and force it to be sold if you don’t pay.

  7. Thankfully not all HOA’s are bad, but then again, rarely does one turn on the news to hear about good things. Several years ago in an issue of Reader’s Digest they had a section on some truly abysmal HOA’s.

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